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A Heart of Dakota Praise from My State Evaluator!

Heart of Dakota - Pondering Placement
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Pondering Placement

Editor’s note: For today’s Pondering Placement blog post, we wanted to take a moment to share this wonderful placement feedback from one of our users’ state evaluators! If you need help placing your child, we are happy to help! Visit our contact page on our website to find ways to get in touch with us. 

A Heart of Dakota Praise from My State Evaluator!

I have to say I have LOVED using Heart of Dakota this past year! I asked not too long ago for placement advice. We were behind in Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. However, after talking through placement with Heart of Dakota, we decided to continue with Beyond and then move on to Bigger whenever we finished. So, I guess this is not really a placement question at this point! Instead, I just wanted to thank Heart of Dakota for your feedback, ideas and encouragement… especially Carrie and Julie! I also wanted to share the praise Heart of Dakota received from my evaluator!

My daughter was recently evaluated. In my state, I have to show proof she is progressing, so we do a portfolio review. Our evaluator has been around the homeschool world awhile. She has grown, adult kids. She is very popular and busy in our area (just a little background on her). It was our first time meeting her, so she was getting to know us and what we use for school. She didn’t know much about Heart of Dakota, so I made it a point to introduce her to HOD by showing her the guide. I pulled out all our books and the catalog, and she LOVED it all. Loved the book choices, the activities in all the boxes, the critical thinking integrated, the way we do spelling. She looked through it all and even took notes!!

I had posted before about having a hard time with my daughter in the area of math and memorizing math facts, and also taking a long time doing her copywork. Well, our evaluator determined my daughter has a visual memory deficit. But, she was encouraging in telling me the Lord has led me to the right resources to teach my daughter (even when I didn’t know what was happening with her!) See, He is in control at ALL times! She encouraged me to stay with Singapore Math and continue to patiently drill math facts (they will eventually stick), and continue the way we do spelling and copywork, it is the best way for her to learn with her visual memory deficit.

I know this is long, but I wanted to pass this along…to encourage you like I was encouraged! My evaluator actually gave me the same advice Heart of Dakota had already given me. Thanks to all at HOD for making this great curriculum available to us! Please share this with others who are pondering placement as an encouragement.



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