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What is one easy way to put “home” in your homeschool?

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Teaching Tip:

What is one easy way to put “home” in your homeschool?

Do you want school time at home to seem less “schoolish” and more homey?  One simple way to do this is to read the history, science, and “Storytime” books on the couch.  Cuddling up with your child on the couch with a good book sets a different tone for your “school.”  It reminds your child that he/she is at home and that you are a parent first and teacher second.

What does this look like at our house?

At our house, we intersperse our reading times throughout each child’s school day.  This means that we’re settled on the couch with each child multiple times throughout our day. We also do Bible this way if possible. Then, we return to the table to do any written work.

Why does the location of where you read make a difference?

Prior to homeschooling my own four boys these last 20 years, I spent 11 years teaching in the public school classroom.  During my years in the classroom, we did everything we could to make the classroom more “homey.”  We added blankets, pillows, beach chairs, colorful plastic tablecloths, fake flowers in vases, quiet background music, lamps, etc. The kids loved these touches of home and couldn’t wait to take turns cuddling up with a good book.  So, once I came home to teach my own boys, I knew I wanted to capitalize on the advantages of home!

Capitalize on the advantages of home!

Instead of recreating school at home, capitalize on the advantages of home.  Read on the couch or snuggled up in an easy chair.  Cuddle up in blankets or stretch out on the floor with a pillow.  If the weather is nice, read outside in the backyard. Have a snack time and allow your kiddos to sip beverages during school (with spill-proof cups of course)!  Allow them to work alongside a favorite stuffed animal or listen to quiet music while they work.  Utilize the fireplace! Schedule a little break outside mid-morning. The possibilities are endless!

Think of how you can capitalize on the advantages of home. 

Look for ways to bring your home into your school.  Try this easy tip and see whether the “tone” of your school day changes!


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