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A Little Positivity Please!

Heart of Dakota - From Our House to Yours
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From Our House to Yours

A Little Positivity Please!

We are about two-thirds of the way through our Heart of Dakota guides. Each of the boys have grown so much since the start of the year. They know what to do, and they are doing it well. Ahhh – what a good place to be!  The only problem is we are also probably only about two-thirds through winter. Sure, spring is supposed to come in March, but it usually doesn’t. Hmmm. Days are cold. Skies are grey. Trees are bare. The wind blows and blows… Whew! Now doesn’t that line of thinking sound depressing?!? Do you ever catch your thinking running away from you down a negative path? I do. In fact, last week, I was thinking these very things. Oh my! When this happens, the Lord gently reminds me this kind of thinking is not okay. So, I trudge back around to striving for “A little positivity please!!!”

Adding a Little Positivity to My Correcting

I am our sons’ only teacher, so what I say of them they believe. Well, about this time of year I am just quickly correcting their schoolwork. I’m sure it is not very fun to get a checked off guide or hastily starred paper back day after day. Actually, usually I don’t think my sons care. However, about this time of year, we all need a little more positivity. So, this week I pulled out the stickers. Yes, stickers, for middle school and high school students. Stickers are STILL fun! Fun to give, and fun to receive. I’ve been slapping little stickers all over the place this week. I also found my colored pens. Across the tops of my sons’ papers, I’ve been writing EXCELLENT with a flourish… WONDERFUL in massive letters… MAGNIFICENT in my best cursive…  FABULOUS in bubble letters! I like to use a different word each time.

Adding a Little Positivity to What We Eat

We have a fairly set breakfast, lunch, and snack menu. I really do feel this is a must for busy homeschool mamas! However, we are growing weary of some of the menu. Just the other day, the boys told me they are sick of mac and cheese. (I know. Not healthy, but I need a  FEW quick, cheap meals. You get it – right?) Anyway, I spent an hour online looking for new ideas. I can’t wait to try banana halves rolled in peanut butter and rice krispies! Cubed cheese, ham, and bread on kabobs looks fun too! This morning I experimented with my muffin pans to make ham, egg, and cheese biscuits. They were a hit!  I flew through Target and found jalapeno cheese sticks, circle shaped cheese for Ritz crackers, strawberry cream cheese for bagels, and Thomas English muffins. The boys can’t wait to try them!

Adding a Little Positivity to Our Work Areas

Each of our sons have their own work areas. Wyatt is in the addition at the table. Riley is at the dining room table, and Emmett is at the table in the living room. About now, these areas could use a facelift. Whenever I have this thought, my go-to place for a little positivity is the dollar store. I can usually find three special candles, coasters, picture frames, etc. Well, today I found three mini terra cotta pots. They come with all that is needed to grow a tiny flower. Aha!  Spring may come on time after all here – it just might be inside our house in these little terra cotta pots!

Adding a Little Positivity to Our Playlists

On a beautiful summer day, I have been known to roll down the car window and turn up the music and sing… LOUDLY. Not so much in the winter. In fact, any loud noise in the winter feels jarring to me. I like to quietly move from thing to thing, in the near darkness, conserving energy, hibernating. Well, enough of THAT!  On my way to an appointment I flipped on our Christian radio station. I listened for some new favorites and added them to a playlist. To start our school day, I always play our Christian playlists. What fun it was to shout out to the boys today I had some new awesome songs for them while they did their chores! Of course, I played them… LOUDLY. New, special things are meant to make some noise, right? And just like that, I added a little positivity to the start of our day!

A little positivity goes a long way!

These are little things, really. They don’t cost much, and they don’t take much time. In fact, they are a little silly. However, I have found when we are prone to getting down in the doldrums, a little positivity goes a long way!  If your thoughts are wandering down dreary lane, kick them to the curb by changing things up a little.  Maybe, like me, you’ll find a little positivity can shine some pretty bright light on your days!

In Christ,

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  1. Michelle Foelber

    I have been having some of these same thoughts!! The days have started feeling monotonous and we fight sickness or just the crabbies. So one way I needed to mix things up was to create field trips for the spring semester. Today we are going to a State Park to enjoy the cold and snow. I forget about sometimes for me the way I fight the doldrums is to get into nature and to forgive myself when I don’t just push through another day. Thankfully Heart of Dakota days are so amazing that I look forward to the ease and learning that takes place!! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Field trips alongside HOD are a great way to fight the doldrums! I am just like you, Michelle, I love to get out into God’s creation! It just fills my soul. I admit, I don’t get outside much in the winter (unless you count running to and from your car for errands). However, I do love new-fallen, glittery blankets of snow. Just the other day I saw two massive eagles sitting in the top of a bare tree, as I drove to work. They made that tree so beautiful! Just opening my eyes more to God’s amazing creation in the winter fills my soul! Kudos to you for embracing winter today at your State Park, and I hope you have a marvelous day there together!!! Thanks for your response here!

      In Christ,

  2. Ebba Corleto

    Thanks for the encouragement. We need this too. We’ve had a break of sunshine this week that has really helped also!! Lately, we’ve had a lot of bickering and kiddos not giving their best efforts so it’s been hard for me to stay positive. But, a reminder that prayer, my special effort , and a positive attitude can go along way. Thanks again!

    1. Glad to have helped in even some small way, Ebba! Sunshine truly does make such a difference, doesn’t it? It can be bitterly cold out, but if I see blue skies and sunshine, I’m naturally prone to be happier! Bickering is tough. I am so sorry you’ve been enduring that lately. Bickering has reared its not-so-nice-head at our home before too. I think it is just a by-product of spending so much time together sometimes (especially when stuck indoors due to bad weather). Separation of me and of my kiddos (both from me and from each other) tends to help tame the bickering for us. I truly crave time alone, and I think each of my kiddos do too. Anyway, praying for you today, Ebba, and hoping the weekend brings rest and rejuvenation!!! Keep up the good and important work you are doing homeschooling – we are in the homestretch – we can do this!!!

      In Christ,

  3. Heidi Young

    These are great ideas! I have to say, I LOVE all of the helpful tips I get in my email from you and Carrie. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome, Heidi! I’m so glad you are enjoying our blog and finding it helpful. Thank you for your encouraging words here – hope you have a good Friday homeschooling with HOD!

      In Christ,

  4. Sara Malone

    Thank you! I need reminders during the long winter months to find ways to stay positive. I have a tendency to want to hibernate and not come out until spring which may not happen until the end of April. So any encouragement to look for the positive and make it happen are welcome. 🙂

    1. Oh, so good to know I’m not alone in my hibernating tendencies, Sara! In the winter about now, I truly do have to choose a more positive attitude to have one. Not so in the spring/summer/fall! A positive attitude just seems to just happen more all on its own. Thanks for joining me in this quest for a little positivity this remaining winter!!!

      In Christ,

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