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Switching to Heart of Dakota for High School

Heart of Dakota - Pondering Placement
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Pondering Placement

Switching to Heart of Dakota for High School

I used another curricula through 7th grade for my oldest son. He has completed (by the end of this year) all of the history time periods. I really am thinking that Heart of Dakota will be the best fit for him for high school. However, I would like to have him complete one of the middle school guides for 8th grade. I want him to be familiar with the flow of Heart of Dakota. Even though he would place in MTMM, I don’t think that would be best, as we are studying that same material now. (We are even using Story of the World 4). My thought was to place him in Revival to Revolution. I would add the extensions and the advanced science package. I am a little nervous about the switch, but my heart keeps coming back to this curriculum! What would you advise for placement?

Carrie’s Reply to Placement Questions About Switching to Heart of Dakota for High School

Normally, we would encourage you to place your son in MTMM if that is where he fits best on the placement chart, even if he is switching to HOD from another Charlotte Mason-style curricula. However, if you feel that he has done that particular time period this past year, then it would be workable to consider Revival to Revolution instead.

Switching to Revival to Revolution would give a good introduction to Heart of Dakota.

I do think that Revival to Revolution would give you a good introduction to HOD. Your son would also be able to get into the pattern and the feel of the guides prior to high school. There is a jump between Revival to Revolution and World Geography. So, you may want to take another look at MTMM just to be sure that there is as much overlap in content as you think. Yet, I do think switching to Revival to Revolution is a workable plan in your placement situation.

Your son should also switch to Drawn into the Heart of Reading 6/7/8, as well as the correct levels of grammar and math.

In order to be well-prepared for the high school literature in the World Geography guide, you would want to do Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 6/7/8 with the level 6/7 or 7/8 book pack as part of whichever HOD guide your son is switching to. You will also need to make sure to have the correct level of grammar and math in place too! I pray you enjoy HOD as much as we have and are!


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