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Take a moment to introduce each subject.

Two plaid red hearts laying on a teal wood surface. A text placard to the right reads "Take time to briefly introduce subjects."
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Teaching Tip:

Take a moment to introduce each subject.

One thing that will help your school day go more smoothly is to take a minute or two to introduce each subject. Subjects that repeat and your child gets to know well will need less introduction. Even routine subjects can benefit from a brief reminder of what you are expecting and what needs to be accomplished.

Go over needed directions prior to beginning an assignment.

Often, it is especially helpful to go over directions prior to beginning the subject. This way the child knows what is ahead and what he/she will be asked to do. You can also help your child by setting out needed books and notebooks open to correct pages.

Be sure your child begins the assignment right.

Next, stick around to be sure your child begins any assignment right. Check the first few lines, problems, or answers to be sure they are done right. For subjects of difficulty, stay nearby to redirect as needed.

Students working independently can still benefit from brief introductions.

Independent students still benefit when you point out things they might miss in the guide that day. During a meeting time with older students, you can correct completed work and briefly go over remaining assignments.

Set your child up for success by minimizing frustration.

Briefly going over subjects helps set your child up for success. When your child knows what to do, he/she can get started right. Getting started right often means your child will make fewer mistakes and will finish earlier. You will also save time not having to reteach incorrectly done subjects later. Try briefly introducing subjects at your house. Then, take time to get your child started right. See if it minimizes frustrations and reteaching later!


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