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Are you doing the daily oral drill in Rod and Staff English?

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Teaching Tip:

Are you doing the daily oral drill in Rod and Staff English?

If you’ve been neglecting the oral drill in English, I would encourage you start making it a part of your routine. The oral drill mainly begins in the Rod and Staff Teacher’s Guide in English 3. It is included in each guide after that. The drill reviews concepts that were taught previously. Its purpose is to cement new concepts and to keep old concepts fresh in your students’ minds.

Don’t skip the daily oral drill in Rod and Staff English.

The daily oral drill at the beginning of each lesson is truly an integral part of the lesson! It is a short daily drill that reaps big rewards. While you may be tempted to skip the oral drill, I would encourage you to think again! In the long run, the daily drill is time well-spent. Kiddos remember what they have learned much better simply due to the oral drill. It really makes a difference over time!

Try doing the daily oral drill at the beginning of your English lessons.

Give the oral drill a try. Don’t be surprised if your students can’t answer all of the oral drill right away. Be ready to help with a quick nudge if needed. Don’t drag the oral drill out, or turn it into a review lesson. Simply move through the drill giving hints and help as needed. See if you notice better retention in your students over time!


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