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Charlotte Mason’s Nature Journals in Missions to Modern Marvels

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Dear Carrie

How are nature journals planned in a Charlotte Mason way in Missions to Modern Marvels?

Dear Carrie,

My daughter and I have enjoyed Heart of Dakota’s way of including a rotation of Charlotte Mason fine arts. She loved the watercolor painting and poetry in Creation to Christ. Next, she was thrilled with the art and picture study in Resurrection to Reformation. Then, she oohed and ahhed over Revival to Revolution’s music appreciation and composer study. Now, we see there is a Charlotte Mason style nature journal in Missions to Modern Marvels. We’re tentatively excited, but we tried our hand at nature journals when my daughter was much younger. She just didn’t do very well with it. I think I tried it way too young with her and expected way too much. So, my question is, how are nature journals planned in a Charlotte Mason way in Missions to Modern Marvels?


“Ms. Please Explain How Nature Journals Are Done”

Dear “Ms. Please Explain How Nature Journals Are Done,”

We’re very excited about the Charlotte Mason style nature journal we have planned in Missions to Modern Marvels! It is titled Nature Drawing and Journaling and is an outstanding product created by Barry Stebbing of How Great Thou Art! This resource was exactly what we were looking for, as it incorporates a love for nature, includes lessons on drawing from nature, guides students in keeping a nature journal, and works to look at nature as God’s glorious handiwork.

As this describes it so well, here is the product description of Nature Drawing and Journaling!

Nature Drawing and Journaling is a unique combination of nature journaling instructions, reflections, and space for your own work. Nature Drawing and Journaling will keep you observing & thinking for as long as you have time. Filled with Barry Stebbing’s 40 years’ worth of insights on studying nature and keeping an art journal, with patience and practice you’ll be able to create your very own! Supply lists, instructions on what a journal is (and is not), and hints on starting your own are provided. The journal pages feature journal entries, full-color illustrations, a quote at the top, and often full-page reproductions of Barry Stebbing’s journal.

Nature-inspired poetry pairs beautifully with Nature Drawing and Journaling!

In tandem with the nature journaling twice weekly, we included nature-inspired poetry from Wordsworth, Longfellow, and Whitman. We spend 12 weeks, which is a Charlotte Mason-style term, on each poet. Nature-based poems provide inspiration for journaling and give lovely narrative to describe God’s handiwork.

An Overall Look at Charlotte Mason’s Fine Arts Skills in Heart of Dakota

With this last choice of doing nature journaling in MTMM, we have done the Charlotte Mason fine arts skills in a 4 year rotation (as you have already mentioned). We did watercolor painting weekly along with Robert Frost’s poetry in CTC. Then, we did art appreciation with picture study in RTR. Next, we did music appreciation with composer study in Rev2Rev (plus classic paintings included throughout the Student Notebook). Finally, we did nature journaling in MTMM.

Additionally, we did classic poetry every year from Beyond Little Hearts on up. We did sketching practice with instruction through Draw and Write from CTC through MTMM. Not to mention, we scheduled hymn singing and hymn appreciation in both Bigger Hearts and MTMM.  I won’t get into high school and Charlotte Mason’s fine arts skills here, but I will just say, I think you and your daughter are sure to enjoy that balance as well!



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