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Remember to keep lessons short for little ones

Heart of Dakota Teaching Tip Lessons Short for Little Ones
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Teaching Tip 

Remember to keep lessons short for little ones.

When teaching 5 and 6 year olds, remember to keep their lesson times short.  As adults, we would like to teach a short program like Little Hearts or Beyond Little Hearts all in one sitting.  Yet, 5 – 6 year olds will often do better when lesson times are kept to 30-35 minutes.

Take a break every 30 minutes with your little ones.

Try taking a scheduled break every 30 minutes, and see how your little ones do.  Set the timer for your scheduled breaks, so your little ones know how much of a break to expect. Then, they won’t be caught unaware when asked to return to “school” from play.

In the younger guides, think of the left side of the plans as one 30-35 min. grouping.

If you have children doing Little Hearts or Beyond Little Hearts, think of the left side of the plans as one grouping.  This grouping can be completed in one “sitting.”  Strive to teach the left side of either of these guides in one interruption-free 30-35 min. time period.  Schedule other kiddos (both younger and older) to to be occupied during that time, so you are not interrupted. In this way, you can efficiently move through the boxes on the left side of the plans.  By focusing on teaching the left side of plans in one sitting, you will accomplish much in a short time.

Split the four remaining boxes on the right side of the guide into two 30-minute groupings.

With the left side done in one sitting that only leaves four remaining boxes on the right side of the guide. Split these 4 boxes into two pairs of boxes, with each pair taking 30 minutes.

What might my day look like doing Little Hearts or Beyond Little Hearts in this way?

Often I do 2 boxes from the right side in the morning.  Then, I take a 30 min. break for that child.  Next, I do the left side of the plans with that child in one sitting.  After that I give the child another 30 min. break.  Last, I do the 2 remaining boxes from the right side of the guide.  After that I’m done with that little sweetie!

It’s better to group subjects than to spread the boxes of plans out all day long.

Try thinking of Little Hearts and Beyond Little Hearts as three groupings of boxes, each taking 30-35 minutes of time.  This will make your planning easier and your day go better.  Try it, and see how your year goes!


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