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Summer is coming! Are you allowing distractions into your day?

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Teaching Tip

As summer is coming, are you allowing distractions to creep into your day?

If you’re anything like me, as I’m getting closer to summer I seem to get distracted more easily. I allow things to creep into my school time that aren’t technically school-related. I find myself whipping together preparation for the evening meal, folding laundry, talking on the phone, or answering emails. Instead, I really need to be focused on schooling during school-time. Usually I know better than to do this, but lately distractions have been creeping in more and more.

Try focusing on school and minimizing the distractions.

So, today, I returned to focusing on doing just school (without letting my time and attention stealers creep in). We finished in a MUCH more timely fashion and my kiddos enjoyed their school day more too! What a good reminder to me to do what I usually do and just focus on school during school-time. This leaves me more time later to do all of my other tasks when school is done! Plus, my kiddos had free-time which they love too! Try focusing on school during school-time today, and see if your day goes better.


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