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Why Doesn’t Heart of Dakota Use a Weekly Grid for Their Lesson Plan Format?

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Teaching Tip

Why don’t we use a weekly grid for our lesson plan format?

During my 11 years teaching public school, I wrote lesson plans using a variety of formats. The weekly grid format was by far the most common. By the time I was teaching my own sons at home, I knew the pitfalls of a weekly grid. Any interruption to the week’s schedule meant I was “off schedule” for the week according to the grid. This left me rushing to cram the rest of the week’s work into fewer days. If I didn’t, I was off schedule for the next week’s plans.

Why do we use a daily plan format instead of a weekly grid?

When I began writing plans for my own kiddos, I made daily plans rather than using a weekly grid. If there was a disruption, I could set aside the plan without feeling like I had disrupted my entire week. Then, the next day, I could pick the plan back up and continue where I left off. This meant there was no need to double up and get back on schedule. My goal was to finish the guide by year-end, without making each week in between a cramming process.

Think of your Heart of Dakota guide as a series of days to be completed.

I encourage you to think of your Heart of Dakota guide as a series of days rather than a series of weeks. Don’t worry about Day 1 being on Monday each week. Instead, focus on completing one day of plans before moving on to the next day of plans. In this way, you will have a smoother more balanced path all year long!



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  1. Kelly Wade

    This is oneof my favorite things about Heart of Dakota! I love the easier yoke of daily plans. I really do feel free to just live the life I actually have and go day by day in school. I have such a strong “box checker” nature and those weekly grids would stress me out so much! Thank you for going through the trouble of providing DAILY plans!

    1. I feel the same way, Kelly! My sons do as well, and they are especially thankful for this format in high school. This format has made it easy to see what needs to be accomplished each day. They feel such a sense of accomplishment each day, and so do I!

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