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Dear Mrs. Austin,

First of all, I want to say "thank you" for your wonderful curriculum! We have been using "Little Hands to Heaven" for a few weeks and are on the "Letter G" week (with Moses in Egypt). The materials and lessons are so well-thought out and appealing. Many times my 4 1/2 year old son will come into our room at 6:00 AM, wake me up, and ask "Mama, can we learn our letter now?". And my 2 year old daughter (as well as my son) both love the Bible stories so much that they beg me to read more than what is scheduled in the lesson. :) But sweetest of all is that my son, after a couple of weeks into the program, accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. This was after a couple of serious discussions of sin and consequences and Jesus' redeeming work on the cross that were all sparked by the Bible stories and devotionals scheduled in your program. I just thought I'd let you know this.

Kira E.
I want to thank you for the sweetest pre-school curriculum. I only wish I knew about it when my oldest was a tot. We have just received Little Hands to Heaven, and are using it with our youngest who will be turning 4 in March. She is devouring every bit of it.

Melissa - Pittsburgh, PA
Dear Carie and Mike,

Just wanted to give you an update.

I sent you an e-mail last summer wanting to know more about your curriculum and we indeed purchased it and have been using it with our 4 year old Elijah (Oct. birthday) and 1 year old Luke.

Actually I was totally against homeschooling for several reasons, but my husband felt strongly that our family was to be a homeschooled and we decided not to put our than 3 year old Elijah in private Christian school. Now halfway into it, I am so blessed and thankful that my husband Jim decided to fear God more than telling me that we were homeschooling. I am truthfully a walking testimony of God's grace in our church and amongst our old church friends who now are slowly moving into the direction of homeschooling.

Now about how your family blessed ours:
Our one year old participates with the fingerplays, bible story times and songs.

The kids just love to do school work and it is amazing how well they are picking up on the Bible stories, the phonics, cutting, counting, bible verses. The older boys count by two's and are starting 3's. We hang all their art work on the wall so they can tell the story of Christ from creation on.

I am planning on using "LHTH" again next year as my bible curriculum. Than I plan on going to your next one "LHFHG" in Kindergarten and using "LHTH" with my middle one the same year.

We are blessed with your hard work of putting together these curriculum's and being diligent to the Lord. My prayer for you is in Ephesians 1:17-19.

This is a lot, but I just wanted to bless you and tell you how your family blessed us and how God's hand is extended toward us here in Sarasota, Fl.

Sandra - Sarasota, FL
I have been using Little Hands to Heaven with my two little girls for about 1 1/2 years. They love the activities and I love the short prep. time and Biblical emphasis.

Kari - Cedar Falls, IA
I spoke with Carrie earlier today regarding this program which some of my friends recommended. I'm super excited to get started...even though homeschooling is the LAST thing I thought would interest me! But, it's not about me anymore! Thank you so much! God bless!

Andrea - Chowchilla, CA
We ordered LHTH because of praise it got on the homeschoolreviews site. Additionally, I'm really picky about materials, being a teacher myself, and I was impressed with being able to see a whole week's worth of it online, particularly as we couldn't see it 'live', being in the UK.

We have been DELIGHTED with LHTH. I am a teacher and really appreciate the 'lesson plan' layout of the book; it means I can add my own activities and book references. My daughter is a very 'academic' 2 year old and the level of the book suits her perfectly; it's unusual to find good material to cater for this young age. Her favorite activities are the dramatic play and the letter rhymes, and she's picking up her letters fast - in fact, she read her first word yesterday, which wouldn't have happened now without LHTH! Having a similar pattern to each day makes our learning time so much simpler - I can just glance at the next day's work the night before to see what materials we need, rather than beginning something completely different every day. The course is very good value; being a teacher, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on someone else's choice of books - having reliable 'core' material frees me up to expand whatever aspect of the course interests my child.

But the best thing about the course is that it is unashamedly Bible-focused. My daughter now sees 'school' as time when she learns more about Jesus, which is just as it should be!

Jess - London, UK
I took your advice regarding my 13 year old teaching her 5 year old brother. Lydia also included Daniel who is 3. Both responded pretty well to her instruction, and she reaped the reward of seeing them learn their letter sounds. She will assist me in teaching Little Hearts for His Glory this year!

Thank-you for a good program to follow!

Sharon - Eldridge, IL
I have been using "Little Hands to Heaven" for 1 year. My 4 year old son loves to have school like his big brothers. He is learning proper letter formation and recognizing the letter in words. We also enjoy the activities that get us up and moving.
Kim - St. Paul, MN
I want to thank you for some great products. I purchased "Little Hands To Heaven" and "Drawn into the Heart of Reading" at NICHE in Des Moines, Iowa. I have been looking for something that would make learning more fun for me and the children.

The activities for each day have been great fun learning opportunities. My words truly cannot describe the joy that we have using your curriculum. I have 5 preschoolers ages 2, 3, 3, 3 ½, and 4. They love the songs, finger plays, story time and of course crafts. They look forward to this every day. I was dreading my days wondering what I would do with them. This has been an answered prayer! My only desire is for the music to be on CD's rather than cassette tapes. I am afraid we are wearing them out because we listen to them frequently, even when it isn't "school time".

I had not heard of your curriculum until the first evening at NICHE when your sister caught my attention. I generally try not to buy something off my list but this purchase was the best one I made. I just wanted to let you know we are using your curriculum and very pleased with it. We thank God for giving you the wisdom to put together a wonderful resource for teaching our children to enjoy reading and applying it to God's word.

I have to admit I have never written to anyone before like this, but it has been heavy on my heart to share with you our experience.

God Bless You!!
Kathy - Homestead, IA

We have been using Little Hands to Heaven for 8 months and the children love it!

Lisa - WI
This program has been so easy to use. My daughter loves it. We are using it with the books for younger children and plan to use it again with the other books. I also look forward to Little Hearts for His Glory!

Karen - Bartow, FL
We have been using "Little Hands" this year with my 5 and 3 year old. This program is very easy to follow. The layout is excellent and the activities are fun. My kids are saying the finger plays all the time. We will be progressing into the follow up "Little Hearts" and know that our year will be another success. Carrie is an excellent author with great ideas put into practice!

- Julie B. - Piedmont, SD
Dear Mrs. Austin -

We purchased "Little Hands to Heaven" at the Wisconsin CHEA Conference in May, 2004 and I began using it with my 4 year old sister in September 2004 (we are about 1/3 of the way through it). I like it, although something I have changed for Elizabeth is that she is making an alphabet book along with it ("A" page is made with alphabet stickers, "B" is with beads, etc.) Every day Elizabeth really looks forward to it and asks "Allison, when are we going to do school?" The lessons are great. We love the finger plays.

Allison - Age 13 - Waukesha, WI
I really enjoyed this curriculum! I have even used it in children's church.

Wendy - Colfax, IA
We have really enjoyed Little Hands to Heaven! Even my 2 year old knows the sounds for the letters we have studied. Our favorite is the "Home Alone" face for the 1st sound! Thanks!

Lisa - Layton, UT
My son loves using the curriculum! He looks forward to school time very much. He is 3 1/2. His younger sister is 1 1/2 and also likes to participate in the activities and projects. I am excited about the simplicity of preparation for myself and the Biblical foundations my children get as they learn letters, numbers and so much more. Thank-you!

Sarah - Valley Center, KS
I've enjoyed using "Little Hands to Heaven". I really like that everything is centered around the Bible story. My son is 4 and his favorite thing is the finger play. I have just purchased Little Hearts for His Glory to use next. I can't wait to get started on it!

Deena - Lexington, KY
We have enjoyed "Little Hands to Heaven" . . .

Kathy Jo - Grapevine, TX
I've used it last year and am using it again this year a little differently. I will re-use it next year for another kindergartner. I loved it. It was great!

Leah - Troy, MO
The whole curriculum is wonderful! I think the most exciting part of using it, for me, is knowing I am contributing to the learning application of the Bible/Bible stories in my children. My children were 2 & 3 when we started and they were both able to understand the materials! Great job Heart of Dakota! We will definitely use you again when the time is right! God bless you and your hearts of service to His divine calling! PS - My kids absolutely love to do "school"!! Thanks!

Lindsey - Denver, CO
I didn't get to use it long because another Sunday school teacher wanted it!

Michelle - Euclid, OH