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I have just discovered the sweetest curriculum for 2-5 years old! You will have so much fun using this wonderful book to teach your children through the Bible using the book's great method which includes: studying one Bible story a week by reading or telling the Bible story, finger play, alphabet activity, bible activity, music activity, art activity, active exploration, devotional activity, dramatic play and a math activity.

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- HS Highlights
"Carrie Austin, author of the Drawn Into the Heart of Reading series, has written another wonderful program. Little Hands To Heaven is a Biblically based preschool program for children ages 2 to 5. Each of the 33 Bible story theme units is designed to take five days to complete. She was correct when she wrote that the lessons are easy to do, but she forgot to say that they are also fun to do!

For parents and grandparents who are looking for a solid program that shows how much fun learning can be, I'd recommend the Little Hands To Heaven Preschool Program."

- Shirley Minster
Home Education and Family Services -

Carrie Austin, author of Drawn Into the Heart of Reading now offers a Bible based curriculum for your preschooler. This rich program offers an organized way to teach your little children their letters, letter sounds, numbers, counting, Bible characters and stories, art projects, dramatic play and more. If you are looking for a well thought out curriculum at a low cost for your preschooler, Little Hands to Heaven is a great option! This curriculum is laid out and organized nicely, making it easy on the teacher. The structure is such that one can easily skim through a weeks worth of lessons and figure out what items may be needed for the next week (like tempera paint or yarn). Little preparation time is needed as it can easily be picked up and worked from.

- Jolene Underwood
The Homeschool Source -

Finally, a preschool program for ages 2 to 5 that is Bible-based and easy-to-use. The flexible format uses fun, playtime activities to develop basic learning skills. It offers parents an organized way to guide learning without overwhelming children with a structured curriculum. What Carrie Austin has done is to tie activities to Biblical facts and principles to give us a way to thread basic learning skills together in a more systematic way. So, in a sense we have the best of both worlds-structure and learning through play.

-Lori Coeman
Mott Media -

Mrs. Austin has designed a preschool program (for ages 2-5) that is Biblically-based, reading-preparatory, theme-centered (on a specific Bible passage or story), flexible, and unthreatening. Any one of those descriptors in a study is no small feat; but to incorporate all of them into one program is impressive. There are 33 units (each 5 days in length), and all the days have a similar format to aid in building familiarity and establishing a study pattern-but without monotony.  It's an affordable, Bible-centered, flexible preschool program for little hands that we want to lift towards heaven.

-Kris Wilcox
 The Book Peddler -

Little Hands to Heaven is a complete preschool program designed for children ages 2-5. By using this guide, the little folks in your home will learn through play all the age-appropriate skills they need, while they are learning Bible characters and stories. I appreciate the chronological order of the Old and New Testament Bible stories, the use of easy-to-find household items, and the simple daily lesson plans. Your preschool-aged children will eagerly anticipate each day's flexible, 30-minute session.

- Sharlene - MATCH
I was very impressed with "Little Hands to Heaven." It is very thoughtfully laid out in a user-friendly format. I really appreciated how complete and well put together it is! Most importantly, it is an excellent Bible based program! This is a great program to get those tender little hearts learning about God's love.

--Product Review by: Michelle Nicholson, The Old Schoolhouse

"I am so excited to find a complete Bible based preschool program for children, ages 2-5! I remember the time when we had more little ones than big ones in our family. Finding time to do something that is specifically geared to the younger group while dealing with older students was difficult. How I wish this program was available then!"

- Harriet Yoder
Lamp Post Homeschool Store -
May 2004