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Customer Testimonials: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

Hi Carrie (& Mike),

Just wanted to let you know that I got my order in the mail. I DID go with Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, as you mentioned Carrie, and I am so glad I did!! I was so excited when it came. (by the way, it came SO FAST!! Only 3 days!) When I opened the TM, I was completely thrilled and at ease ... because, it was EXACTLY what I thought it would be, and MORE! We will be starting tomorrow already with it.

The two older children have been waiting for mama to get her teacher's book too. They can't wait to "do school". LOL ... OH! did I mention that my DH was absolutely happy to see me all prepared for school tomorrow, in less than 5 minutes! He couldn't believe that I was ready.

In His Hands
Mindi - Cascade, WI
I am currently using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. There are two things I love about it. The lesson plans are easy to follow, and they include all the goals and objectives required by my state that my first grader should know at the end of the school year. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten. Thank you so much for providing this curriculum for moms like me. It is awesome.

Tammy - Hudson, North Carolina
I am using both Little Hearts for His Glory and Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I love the programs and so does my family! We especially loved reading The Adventures of Reddy Fox.

Linda - Milford, IA
What a delightful year we've had with Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory! The curriculum's flexibility encourages us to personalize our son's education. It is chock-full of wonderfully creative ideas that help spark my own ideas. And I appreciate the Christ-centered focus - the Bible is truly integrated in the curriculum. I can't wait for Bigger Hearts for His Glory!

Julie - Missouri Valley, NE
We have loved Little Hearts for His Glory and Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. My favorite part is the way history is tied into the other subjects, and how, like true history, it begins with God creating the world. The Bible verses have been wonderful and are helping my children hide God's word in their hearts.

Melissa - Midlothian, TX
My experience so far is good. Your program is set up well! Thank-you!

Priscilla - Dundee, OH
Hi, . . . I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! Currently we are doing Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory and today when my 1st grader was finishing up school I said "We still have history" and pulled out the American Pioneers and Patriots book, and he smiled and said "OH, that's fun" He loves everything about your program which makes me a pleased parent. We are also doing Little Hands to Heaven for my 4 year old. It is also going very well.

I am really thrilled to see you are in the process of making Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Thanks so much,
Penny - Iron Mountain, MI
We are ENJOYING Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I wish we would have had it for our 2 oldest. We plan to use it for the 3 youngest. Thank you for the time and energy you put into this excellent resource for us homeschoolers!

Nora - Guys Mills, PA
. . . the lesson plans are well written and I can easily adapt it to what my son needs.

Kim - Alexandria, MN
We are using Little Hands to Heaven and Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. Our girls like the activities and I like that everything is planned. We are really having fun with them.

RoseAnn - Leola, PA
I am currently using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I am very impressed with the flexibility. I can do an assignment now and another one later. We enjoy learning about the pilgrims and love to read the books together. My favorite part is the variety of hands on activities in the science and art column. Please develop something for above 8 years!

Jamie - Mena, AR
"I just found your website today, and have been holding back tears--we have home schooled our children for five years now, and I have been feeling so bogged down lately--last night my first-grader told me "I don't LIKE learning new things--it's BORING!" This is not how I wanted our home school to go! I have looked intensely at your Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory curriculum, and it seems to be just perfect for us! I am going to think and pray for a week, but I am pretty sure that God led me here, saying "See, honey, it's all ready for you--it's going to be O.K. ..."

Chloe - Snohomish, WA
I just wanted to send a quick 'thank you' for your excellent product and customer service! We are now in our second week, and all my children are loving school, and I know that your program has helped me to provide them all the best (with much less prep work on my part, and more time to actually enjoy doing school!). I know you probably get emails like this all the time, but add my name to the list of very appreciative homeschooling moms who really value the products you're providing. I am showing it to all of my homeschooling friends, and I know that it will be a great fit for some of them as well.

So many times in the past year I've considered putting my girls in school as I just felt overwhelmed trying to teach their two levels and also do any type of preschool with my younger ones (my girls are 7 and 6, and I have 3 year old twin boys too). Your program gives me the two levels my girls need, plus ideas that are easy enough for me to modify to use with my boys too. Putting tape on the floor in the shape of a globe, and then using it to learn the continents had all four of them playing together for two hours, and they even made lego boats to 'sail' from one continent to the next, with my girls teaching my 3 year olds the name of the continents. It was one of those moments that makes homeschool Moms know it's all worth it. Thanks for helping to remind me why I homeschool in the first place! My children now think school is fun again!

Thank you again!

Angela Salt Lake City, UT