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Ordering is easy! Just follow the numbers 1 - 7!
Everything you see below is written into the daily plans of the guide! The steps are as follows:

  1. Economy Package (History)
  2. Science Package (Science)
  3. Reading Package Choice (Reading)
  4. Handwriting Choice (Handwriting)
  5. Basic Package Choice (Math, Grammar, Hymn Study, and Devotional)
  6. Deluxe Package Choice (Read Aloud Sets)
  7. Extension Package (History and Science for older students)


Includes the Teacher's Guide and the history books below:

Bigger Hearts For
His Glory
[Add to Cart]

A First Book
in American History
[Add to Cart]

Stories of Great Americans
[Add to Cart]

The Story of the Wright Brothers
and their Sister
[Add to Cart]

in Time
[Add to Cart]

Bigger Hearts
[Add to Cart]

ECONOMY PACKAGE $124.29 - Save $21.00 [Add to Cart]


Includes the science books below:

One Small Square: Seashore
[Add to Cart]

Science in Colonial America
[Add to Cart]

John Audubon
[Add to Cart]

One Small Square: Woods
[Add to Cart]

A Pioneer Sampler
[Add to Cart]

Thomas A. Edison
[Add to Cart]

ECONOMY PACKAGE W/ SCIENCE ADDS THE 6 BOOKS BELOW (Required unless you have your own science) $56.38 - Save $13.00 [Add to Cart]

Reading Package Choice

Includes books for Emerging Readers or Independent Readers below:
Emerging Readers who are just finished with phonics choose the Emerging Reader Set of books below:

If your child is an emerging reader, choose the scheduled book set below or use your own. -more info.

14 book set with choice of Beginner's Bible or Early Reader's Bible

Emerging Reader Set with Early Reader's Bible - $67.12 - Save $13.25 - [Add to Cart]

Emerging Reader Set with Beginner's Bible - $67.12 - Save $13.25 - [Add to Cart]

If your child is an independent reader >, choose Drawn into the Heart of Reading Teacher's Guide and Level 2/3 Student Book or use your own program. details here >

Independent Readers who are done with the Emerging Reader Set choose the Drawn into the Heart of Reading 2/3 Package along with either the Level 2 books or the Level 3 books below:

2/3 Package

(Includes Teachers Guide, 2/3 SB, & Sample book list)
$83.90 - Save $11.00
[Add to Cart]

Level 2 Book Pack - $93.35 - Save $18.50
[Add to Cart]

Level 3 Book pack - $88.32 - Save $17.50
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Click here for optional book packs to use with Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Level 2/3 Student Book.


Both choices are written into the daily plans of the guide.
Choose either Cheerful Cursive or Italic: Book D below:

Cheerful Cursive
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Book D
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Includes the math, grammar, devotional, and hymn study resources below:

Math -
Customize with one of two choices
(Click here to choose)

Preparing to Build: English Hardback Pupil Text: $15.95
[Add to Cart]
Optional Teacher's Manual: $18.95
[Add to Cart]

Little Pillows Devotional
[Add to Cart]

Hymns for a Kid's Heart - Book & CD
[Add to Cart]

Basic Package w/ Math 2A/2B - $68.29 - Save $7.00 [Add to Cart]

Basic Package w/ Math 3A/3B - $95.19 - Save $9.50[Add to Cart]


Includes read aloud books that are scheduled in the daily plans. Choose the Classic Set, Boy Set, or Girl Set below:

Deluxe Package -Classic Interest
$60.84 - Save $12.00
[Add to Cart]

Deluxe Package -Boy Interest
$54.08 - Save $10.75
[Add to Cart]

Deluxe Package -Girl Interest
$61.09 - Save $12.25
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Includes higher level history and science books for older students. These books are at a mid-fourth to upper sixth grade reading level and are scheduled in the Appendix of the guide:

A Child's Story
of America
$12.75 [Add to Cart]

Pedro's Journal
Units 1-2
$6.99 [Add to Cart]

Units 3-4
$7.99 [Add to Cart]

Almost Home
Units 5-6-7
$7.99 [Add to Cart]

The New
Unit 8
$7.99 [Add to Cart]

Ben and Me
Units 9-10-11
$7.00 [Add to Cart]

Guns for General Washington
Units 12-13-14
$6.95 [Add to Cart]

Toliver's Secret
Units 15-16
$6.99 [Add to Cart]

Buffalo Knife
Units 17-18
$11.95 [Add to Cart]

Once on this Island
Units 19-20-21-22
$6.99 [Add to Cart]

By the Great
Horn Spoon
Units 23-24-25
$7.99 [Add to Cart]

Freedom Train
Units 26-27
$5.99 [Add to Cart]

Bud and Me
Units 28-29-30
$18.95 [Add to Cart]

Esperanza Rising
Units 31-32-33-34
$6.99 [Add to Cart]

Planet Earth
$14.99 [Add to Cart]

The Story of Thomas Alva Edison
$5.99 [Add to Cart]

Extension Package - $118.99 - Save $23.50[Add to Cart]

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